[CONNECT] Workspace without WorkSets

Hi, I'm new to CE and try to migrate our V8i workspaces to CE. It's clear that old site level now is organization. And from my point of view our old project level now should be "Workspace" level, because it contains client resources. It seems that Bentley agrees here.

The issue for me is: We have many small jobs (resp. sets of DGN) for each client (resp. Workspace). Each job needs the same client resources and nothing extra. Though the Workspace/client resources are needed to edit or view the DGN files, none of these DGN files belongs to the Workspace. The design files are stored anywhere on the file system, but never inside microstation's WorkSpace. And that's why the WorkSets seem to be useless in our work flow. Unfortunatly I can't see a way to open a design file with specified Workspace but without a WorkSet. When I use a configured dummy WorkSet, it often stands in the way: The opened files are marked with WorkSet name, causing confirmations about WorkSet mismatch...

Hope, someone could tell me, how to get rid of WorkSets or at least the nasty side effects (I cant imagine that our work flow is that uniqe).

Thanks, Robert.

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