Greetings all,

During testing of a proposed WAN optimization solution, we discovered that if a user in one office had a file open, another user in another office would experience significant delay before finally seeing the "File is open by another user" message.  We suspect that it is related to MS_DGNFILE_OPEN_FOR_WRITE_RETRY_LIMIT and/or MS_DGNFILE_OPEN_FOR_READ_RETRY_LIMIT.

Other than the short description in the MicroStation CE online documentation, is there any more information available?  If we set those variables to much lower values, what new issues could we be causing?

Thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Regan,

    I've switched employers since I posted the question last year, but if I recall correctly, adjusting the setting did help with the delays (in testing).  I'm not sure if my previous employer ever adopted the WAN solution, so I don't know the variables are in use or not.

    Hi Jan,

    That wiki page is exactly what I was looking for, but it didn't exist last year when I posted the question.  Our testing at the time agrees with the info on the wiki page.  Now, I'm curious why the variable even exists.  Why not set the variable to a low number by default and be done with it?  I'll look into that sometime when I have a slow day Slight smile