[CONNECT] Does it matter which dgnliblist variable is used to load named expressions?

(Using MicroStation

Documentation for Named Expressions says:

They are stored in the configured DGN libraries defined by the following configuration variables (MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST and MS_DGNLIBLIST_PRINTING)

Should the dgnlib containing my named expressions be listed in both? Does listing it in just one, affect how it can be used? For example, if just loaded in MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST does that mean the named expressions won't be available in setting Default Filenames in Print Organizer?


  • Hi Kevin,

    Any Named Expressions DGNLIBs included by MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST will be available to the whole application.

    MS_DGNLIBLIST_PRINTING is intended to be used to keep separate content relevant to printing separate from other DGNLIBs reducing the chances of cross-contamination between DGNLIBs.

    The only expressions that would be available to the Print dialogs would be those where the Print Set box is checked so storing these in a DGNLIB defined by MS_DGNLIBLIST_PRINTING would be best practice.

    The pre-defined print expressions are hard coded and cannot be edited (Can you modify the pre-defined named expressions in Print Organizer?).



    Answer Verified By: Kevin van Haaren