[CONNECT U16.1] Change Workspace Name used by DGNWS?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if its possible to change the Workspace name of a DGNWS? We are doing some changes to our workspace and have found that although the dgnws works fine as long as the workset is set up okay the sheet index refuses to add new sheets when the workspace name differs from the original used in the dgnws.



  • Unfortunately the dgnws seems to remember its original workspace name and has an error trying to use the Sheet Index (ie. add Sheets) no matter what you rename to. The only issue im struggling with is to get the Sheet Index to work in another Workspace.



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  • I have investigated trying to change the dgnws and I discovered that it seems to be hard-coded in some manner. I remember finding the name of the dgnws in model properties somewhere within the dgnws file itself. The field was greyed out so it could not be edited.

    Good luck getting your set recreated.

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  • One thing just occurred to me for a work around....

    Create a new WorkSet using the old WorkSet with the dgnws file you want to rename as a template. Then you can delete the old WorkSet if you need to. Using it as a template MicroStation will copy the old dgnws and properly link it to the new WorkSet.

    I'm not sure what will happen to any Sheets already in the Sheet Index as the source dgn files have to be branded to the WorkSet, and in this scenario the dgn files will be branded to the old WorkSet.

    When I get the time I'll have to test this out.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst