Workspace/workset set-up


I have converted our old workspace to the new format for CE and have used the text below in the desktop shortcut shortcut to bring in the workspace when MicroStation (or Descartes or View) is opened;

 -wrZ:\Config\ -wkEMP -ww"Networks Eng" where Z:\ is the network drive where the configuration is stored.

It all works fine when you open a file from within the app but how do I ensure that the workspace comes in with a design file when it's double-clicked directly? Is there a way to add the workspace configuration at  installation so that its always there, no matter how a file is opened? We don't have separate workspaces for different projects or clients, just the one to cover everything and we're running Update 16.

I have created deployment images for the three apps and included the path to the configuration in the layout setup but it doesn't seem to bring the workspace with it automatically on a new installation. Am I missing something here?



  • Hey Paul, All DGN files in Connect should be started from the main WorkSet selection screen of the software.  If I understand correctly, double-clicking can only work in an environment like ProjectWise.  Command line arguments are set for the launch of the product to load a designated workspace/workset you want it open to.  I believe you've got this far, you've seen this, but just in case you haven't seen this Peer Blog, check it out for more...  details... 

    2021 R1 (10.10), 2022 R1 (10.11)



  • Thanks for that Seán, you're very close there, we're not using ProjectWse but another document management system where users access the design files directly from the local client. To change away from this would be a massive undertaking so whatever needs to be done to replicate what we have with V8i will be easier than the world of pain that will fall if users have to open MicroStation first! We also have users with View that will receive contractor of manufacturers drawing files in email or via cloud sharing and these will not be in the DMS.



    Is mise,

    Paul Carroll

  • there is no way of controlling any of this when a user double clicks on a DGN file. There are a lot of things that happen in the background that can effect opening a file this way (it is not recommended). 

    If you have multiple versions of Bentley products installed on the machine which one gets used to open the file ? If you get past that, the next thing is the product will attempt to load the last workspace/workset used, if this happens to be the correct workspace/workset then you lucked out.

    again - not recommended.

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  • Thanks to Shawn for linking the Command Line blog. In this case they won't help as Windows file association cannot be directed to use the command line switches.

    However as you only have one WorkSpace and WorkSet you can lock the applications to that combination.

    I suggest adding the following to ConfigurationSetup.cfg on each user's machine for each application, replacing any existing _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION statements:



    this is described in:

    CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips: What does _USTN_USER_CONFIGURATION do?

    Then in Z:/Config/WorkSpaceSetup.cfg add:



    _USTN_WORKSETNAME = Networks Eng


    I'd suggest adding an underscore to the WorkSet name, it's always best to avoid spaces in names.

    ConfigurationSetup.cfg can be distributed using a system policy or just a batch file that users can run to copy and replace if IT can't help immediately.

    Note that use of only one WorkSet does limit the functionality of some WorkSet based features, sheet indexing for instance, but I suspect that you are not using those. This is an area we are taking a look at BTW.

    I think that will work but have not tested that exact combination as I'm in the middle of other config stuff right now. Please let us know how it goes.