Workspace/workset set-up


I have converted our old workspace to the new format for CE and have used the text below in the desktop shortcut shortcut to bring in the workspace when MicroStation (or Descartes or View) is opened;

 -wrZ:\Config\ -wkEMP -ww"Networks Eng" where Z:\ is the network drive where the configuration is stored.

It all works fine when you open a file from within the app but how do I ensure that the workspace comes in with a design file when it's double-clicked directly? Is there a way to add the workspace configuration at  installation so that its always there, no matter how a file is opened? We don't have separate workspaces for different projects or clients, just the one to cover everything and we're running Update 16.

I have created deployment images for the three apps and included the path to the configuration in the layout setup but it doesn't seem to bring the workspace with it automatically on a new installation. Am I missing something here?