So is MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS no longer works the way it supposed to starting from U17? The variable usage is still available in U17 help:


Allows you to control the creation or selection of WorkSpaces and WorkSets from the respective drop-down lists in the Work page. Following are the options for this configuration variable:

  • None (Default) - If undefined, you can create WorkSpaces as well as WorkSets.
  • DisallowCreatingWorkSpace - Disables the Create WorkSpace option in the WorkSpace drop-down.
  • DisallowCreatingWorkSet - Disables the Create WorkSet option in the WorkSet drop-down.
  • DisallowSelectingWorkSpace - Disables the WorkSpace selection drop-down.
  • DisallowSelectingWorkSet - Disables the WorkSet selection drop-down.

How can CAD admins reinstate the function of MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS in U17? 

Best regards,

Tuan Le

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