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How do you get a fix for a critical bug?  I have a regression in Microstation CE U17 that is disabling some of my primary functions for every project.  Not only that, Microstation CE U17 is destroying custom information in the dgn files, so even if the file is opened in a previous version, the dgn file has lost our critical information.

I have created a "critical bug" SR.  The result is that I got a bug number.  In my SR, I noted that I needed this bug fixed "this week", not  the next month, or the next release (whenever that comes), or the next year, etc.  Typically, a bug report gets addressed in a year or two.  I have bug reports from multiple years ago that still have not been fixed.  So when my critical bug that needs to be fixed immediately (which was close to a month ago) gets a bug number, that does not mean much.

1) How do I get a critical bug fixed in a reasonable amount of time (a couple days to a couple weeks)?
2) We've been paying Bentley since the release Mstn V8i(SS3) without a reliable product to show for that money.  To this point, there are still outstanding bug reports about issues that we have to go back to Mstn V8i (SS3) to do, because there are no work-arounds for these items in Mstn CE.  How do we get a refund for these Select fees that are not producing proper results?

--Robert Arnold

  • Hi,

    Per a service technician at Bentley, "Development is working with highest priority to get theses issues fixed and target release for a fix is currently set to CE Update 17.1."

    That is very good news and bad news at the same time.  It's good that it is targeted to be fixed in the next release.  At the same time, I've had to switch back to using Microstation V8i(SS3) while Microstation CE is broken, and don't have an immediate fix. 

    There are two comments that generally apply with the current situation:  1) No beta testing means that there is no chance for the users to find these issues prior to a release.  Also, once the update has been installed, it overwrites the existing Microstation CE--with no ability to "downgrade" to the previous version without uninstalling and reinstalling Microstation.  With a proper Beta release, you can have the working version of Microstation and the Beta version side by side on the same computer,  2) The Connection Client pushes for the users to "upgrade" to the latest version of all the Bentley software.  When the "techie" guy finds a bust, that is one thing.  When the average user, who happens to be working from a couple states away does an innocent update (because that's what their computer told them to do) and thing break, that is a whole different story.

    In a different forum post, one of the Bentley sales people was looking for reasons to tell AutoDesk users that it is "safe" to move to Microstation.  Here is an example of where Microstation is not safe.  And this example occurs multiple times a year--every time there is a new version released.  There needs to be a way to stop these regressions from making it into the released version, and also a way to fix these regressions ASAP when they occur.

    Bob, I unfortunately understand what you are saying and why.


  • Count me onboard, hand raised, all in, etc. Seems Bentley's response is 'you are SOL' (not in those words).

    "Development is working with highest priority to get theses issues fixed and target release for a fix is currently set to CE Update 17.1."

    You know that was a Copy and Paste from their list of favorite responses.

    Connect r17 self-employed-Unpaid Beta tester for Bentley

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