[CONNECT Update 17] Configuration Fails

I have been using MicroStation CONNECT since its first release.  I've had no problems with installation or configuration until Update 17. 

I'm attempting to install and use Update 17 with a custom configuration location.  That location was in use successfully with Update 16.  I specified the configuration location (L:/Bentley/CONNECT/LA Solutions/) during installation.

When I start MicroStation Update 17 I see this page...

No WorkSet

When I click the WorkSpace button, I see this...

No Matches

MicroStation can't see my existing workspace or worksets.

When I click the Create WorkSpace button, MicroStation crashes.  Clearly, I did something unexpected during installation.  Can anyone provide inspiration?


I've attempted to install Update 17 several times.  On previous failures, I deinstalled and returned to Update 16, which contined to work properly.  This latest time, I uninstalled Update 16 and cleaned out the configuration folder (C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration) before installing Update 17.