Open ORD (MicroStation) to specific custom workspace?

I will be working with several different clients. I have everything saved to a networked configuration using the ConfigurationSetup.cfg:

# If your organization has its own Configuration directory, you can define
# _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION to that directory path and use it as follows.
_USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION = M:/Bentley/ORD/Configuration/

While this does point to the various clients workspaces just fine, I was wondering if I could create custom shortcuts to start ORD pointing to a specific workspace. As in, if you want to work on a Kentucky project, click the red icon, and if you want to work on a Tennessee project, click the green one.

The -ws command line switch is used to define a configuration variable. What variable would I use to define my target workspace?

The -wk command line switch looks as if that would give me more what I am looking for, but that requires the use of the -ww switch to preset a workset. I don't want to preset a workset, just the workspace. The user can choose the proper workset once ORD opens to that point.

Should I just be happy that I have my workspaces available? Am I trying too hard?
Thank you.

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