ORD/CONNECT One User Preference across multiple workspaces?

i'm back onto setting up my ORD workspaces for clients.

I plan to use the default location for userpreferences to simplify things. This will require me to lock down a few variables in our Organization configuration.

My question is, is there any HARM in using the same user preferences for multiple clients? As far as I can tell, user preferences are personal preferences, and shouldn't really be dependent on client setup, but I'm not certain about that. Some of the clients have user preference seeds, some of them do not. Can you think of anything in


that would be essential to functioning in a specific client environment?

_USTN_PREFNAMEBASE does vary from client to client. I believe that is what I would need to lock down. Either that, or _USTN_HOMEPREFS...

I plan to %lock _USTN_USERNAME = $(USERNAME)

Can you think of anything wrong with this?
If I need to allow for separate preferences for each client, I can do that, but it would be cleaner and neater if I could just go around that.

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