[ORD/CONNECT] Workset template?

The workspace/workset rabbit hole has no end.

I'm starting with one client. Trying not to edit those client configs. This client comes with a workset template - folder, CFG & DGNWS.
I wanted to see if that template is actually what is used to create new worksets under that client.

Apparently, it's not.

I was able to create a new workset. I selected "Create Workset", gave it a name and selected the template I would like to use. It created a folder, CFG & DGNWS in the proper location. But the folder doesn't include the files from the template folder and the CFG is not the same as the template CFG (far more generic, not even close). It would appear that the template being used is not the template I selected? Or is the CFG file unrelated to the template workset?

I am getting lost in the CFG variables, so I'm sure I have something crossed up. Can anyone make a suggestion to straighten me out?
Thank you.