[ORD] ...\Configuration\Organization\ pathed to network drive?

Apparently, just including this directory at the network level is not enough. Not surprising, because I haven't seen anything to redirect to it...

I would like to include some organizational standards (at the network level because I don't plan on doing anything more on the local level than I have to) but I'm not certain how to accomplish that without jumping ahead of system files or redirecting incorrectly.

What would be the best way to do this? I could add an %include somewhere, but at what level would I do that? Before Workspace? During Workspace? Add something to ConfigurationSetup.cfg or WorkSpaceSetup.cfg?

  • Things I do in our Organization folder:

    Corporate: vba, custom menu, named expressions & item types, reports. 

    I include the .shx fonts that ship with ORD and define MS_DWGFONTPATH to point at them. I found many clients would set MS_FONTPATH with an = and include no SHX fonts. this caused problems either working in dwg mode or importing dwg files, i think both. Setting MS_DWGFONTPATH separately let me leave their config alone and if they did ship SHX fonts I could just undef the dwg font path.

    I have an MstnFontConfig.xml that hides rsc fonts named arial. I only load this in client configs where they include an arial rsc font but their text styles use the arial true type font, but I have the file in the organization level so it's easy to find. (If you don't hide the arial rsc font the arial true type won't show up in the font picker, it doesn't actually break the text styles)

    I have a template dgnws file for when the client doesn't include one. Whenever you get a dgnws template from the client be sure to open it and do a file disassociateworkset. If you don't ORD crashes when it right after it creates the dgnws. (at least in a PW managed workspace, not sure about outside). Actually I do a file disassociateworkset on ALL their files with the batch processor.


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  • How do you load the MstnFontConfig.xml?

    So THAT'S why ORD keeps crashing when I create a new workspace. file disassociate workset. Good to know!


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  • If you're setting and using the _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION variable for your networked configuration, MicroStation will use the Organization folder there as the _USTN_ORGANIZATION folder. I've never had any issue with that.

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  • I didn't even remember that since one of the first things I did was rename Organization folder to our company name which forced me to set _USTN_ORGANIZATION independently. I also rename workspaces and worksets folders which is why i set all the other variables too. whoops.


  • I'm not actually trying to do anything terribly different than ORD already does:

    then why not do what Rod mentions and set the _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION to point to your networked configuration ?

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