Role Specific DGNLIB with Item Types and Report Definition

Hi Everyone, 

I am trying recently to learn a little bit more about MicroStation workspace, workset and role configuration files. I am currently using MicroStation Connect Edition Update 16 (Version

My goal is to create a role specific (for Electrical, Civils, Telecomms disciplines) libraries for the following: 

- Item Types 

- Report Definition

I was able to load role specific Item Types library and Lookup table by adding the following lines into my role configuration file:

MS_DGNLIBLIST_ITEMTYPES 		> $(_USTN_WORKSPACEROOT)Roles/Electrical/Dgnlib/*.dgnlib

ITEMTYPE_LOOKUP 			    > $(_USTN_WORKSPACEROOT)Roles/Electrical/Itemlib/KAW_CarbonAssessmentLookup.xlsx

The MS_DNGLIBLIST_ITEMTYPES is only loading Item Types and does not load Report Definition which was saved in the same DGNLIB as Item Types. Is it possible to load report definition from the role level, so that only role specific reports will be loaded? 

Please note that I am still learning, and I am not sure whether I loaded role specific Item Types and Lookup Tables in the right way. So, I appreciate your support.