MicroStation CE and ORD using the same network resources?

Today I got a new wrinkle. Not only do I need to get OpenRoads up and running, there will be people using MicroStation Connect who will need the same workspaces.

If the Client standards were stored by default in the Workspaces, this might not be so bad. That would just require me to make sure that ConfigurationSetup.cfg pointed to my network and WorkspaceSetup.cfg directed to my workspaces. But no. All but one of my clients store their standards files in Organization-Civil, which plain MicroStation doesn't know exists.

My instinct is to copy
MY_CIVIL_ORGANIZATION_ROOT = M:/Bentley/ORD/Configuration/Organization-Civil/
into my WorkSpaceSetup. I think that would be sufficient for the client standards to show up.
But am I mistaken?

How do you folks combine Mstn & ORD workspaces so that they both see the same resource files?

Thank you.