How do I get the Task (Classic) shortcuts from Microstation V8i into OpenRoads?

I am very much used to typing in quick commands to do basic things in Microstation/Geopak.  Now that I'm using ORD, I'm expected to have the same level of efficiency, but I do not have any of the shortcuts that I used in the previous software.  An example of this is if I would need to start a smart line, I'd type "Q" then "1" and I'd be working with smart lines.  If I needed to rotate something, I'd type in "3" and then "4" and I'd be in the rotate tool.  There were different shortcut keys depending on which task folder was open.  I used classic.

How do I regain these functions? 

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  • I don't think so. Very much of the interface has been changed, so it doesn't shock me that not everything lines up all the way.

    I think that the position Mapping shortcuts themselves are part of the User Preferences. You might be able to look there and see if you pick up on what might be different.


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