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READ FIRST: MicroStation Administration Forum best practices

To let others know the MicroStation release you are using without having to open the thread, please start the subject of your topic/thread with the following:


where <release> is:

MicroStation  release Abbreviation
MicroStation V8i V8i
MicroStation V8 XM Edition XM
MicroStation V8 2004 Edition 2004
MicroStation V8 V8
Any release previous to
MicroStation V8

For example, if your inquiry is regarding MicroStation V8i, your topic/thread should start with:


If your inquiry is regarding MicroStation V8 XM Edition, your topic/thread should start with:


Also, if the issue you are encountering is specific to a product version or OS or computer, please include the following in your post:

  • The version (i.e. v##.##.##.##) of the Bentley product(s) you are using -- you can get this through Help > About... or entering VER in Utilities > Key-in
  • The operating system (including service packs) that you are using on your workstation -- you can get that information through Windows Control Panel > System
  • The basic hardware configuration for the workstation you are using (e.g. CPU, RAM, graphics card, etc.)