[V8i SS3] How to Load a Windows application/file from MicroStation

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MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3)

I'm looking for a command to put into a MenuBar item, where I can open a specific text file, located in the dgnlib folder. I don't want it to be edited, so. maybe I just call and open a pdf file.

  • From the MicroStation Help > Contents:


    When you create your menu use the key-in % <executable_file_spec>.

    For example, keying in %notepad starts Notepad.

    For your specific question an example would be % <path to PDF> and this will open the PDF upon selection from the menu.  Example: % C:\Documents\test.pdf.  

    You can also use a configuration variable in the path similar to this:


    Key-in: $ % $(_USTN_TEST)\test.pdf  


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    MicroStation Product Manager

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  • Strangely the %notepad worked great as stated. I have been wanting to open the snippingtool and have tried the %snippingtool, %snippingtool.exe, %C:\Windows\system32\snippingtool, 

    %C:\Windows\system32\snippingtool.exe all the examples end with the picture below

    sure would appreciate any input I also tried the rd=........ as above and more failure. I have searched

    and verifed the path is correct and the file resides there

    Version: MicroStation V8i SS 10

    RJB Phillips III (Richard) Praise the Lord for His Mercy and grace in Christ Jesus