About the APM Track at the Bentley LEARNing Conference, July 15 - 16

Bentley LEARNing Conference: Information Mobility and Asset Management

July 15 - 16, 2014, Crowne Plaza (Philadelphia - Valley Forge), King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA

Join us in July for an excellent APM learning opportunity (plus a chance to explore other Bentley Information Mobility and Asset Management applications). Topics in the APM Conference track include:

  • ISO 55000 asset management standard
  • Using the New Web Monitor
  • Reporting in APM
  • Using the Object Model Tool
  • Leveraging Table Configurations
  • Implementing KPI's and Dashboards

Here is a link to the full agenda: http://ftp2.bentley.com/dist/collateral/docs/LEARNing_Conference/2014/14LC04%20Track%20Agenda.pdf

This Bentley LEARNing Conference will provide a focused learning experience through workshops and information-packed sessions that will help you get even more out of AssetWise APM.  You'll discover great networking, social learning, targeted advice to help optimize your skills and workflows, and a "social dinner" where Bentley will facilitate topical discussions.

Registration is FREE for Bentley LEARN subscribers.  If you don't already subscribe to LEARN you can sign up for $1,495 and it includes value that extends well beyond the conference.  Attendees will get a one year personal LEARN subscription which offers a wide selection of On Demand APM application training.  There are over 50 On Demand APM modules currently accessible on the LEARNserver covering the majority of topics within the APM Introductory and Implementer Courses as well as Strategy Development in APM.

A project is currently underway to expand this offering to cover all user topics as well as many application administration and technical topics.  Your personal subscription will allow you to access the specific training that you need right when you need it.  The APM content available through your LEARN Subscription will also expand in 2014 to include access to Live training events that are delivered in a VIRTUAL classroom.  Two blended learning events (On demand + Live virtual sessions) are scheduled for 2014 and are available to you with your LEARN subscription.  The planned events are:

  • October 2014: Table Configurations for APM reporting
  • November 2014: Inspection Route Building in APM

We look forward to seeing you at this conference in July!