Bentley webinar on March 20: ISO 55000 asset management standard - how to use it as a business strategy.

Webinar on ISO 55000: The Sustainable Business Strategy for Operational Excellence and Safety

20 March 2014  11 am ET / 16:00 GMT

The key to success lies in your asset management strategy. Bentley will show you how to get there with ISO 55000. Bentley’s Global Practices Lead, Brian Flett, will explain Bentley’s roadmap for managing critical production assets aligned with the international standard for asset management, ISO 55000.

This new standard will serve as a foundation for operational excellence and safety. It will help asset managers to mitigate risk and ensure assets deliver value. Bentley users have the ability to act early in complying with ISO 55000, with Bentley’s asset management process supported by Bentley technology and proven methodology to ensure sustainability.

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