Workshop on Creating an Asset Management Strategy, Policy, Plan

David Armstrong is conducting a half day workshop at the upcoming Reliability 2.0 conference in Las Vegas. The conference is April 13 - 17. David's workshop is on Wed. April 15 9 am  - 12 noon.

How to Create an Asset Management Strategy, Policy, and Plan
David Armstrong, CMRP, PMP, Reliability & Integrity Management Services Director, Bentley Systems

Never underestimate the power of a strategic asset management plan. Take the time to plan to the right level of detail and you will elevate your role and your organization’s value in your company. Learn step by step what needs to be done in the strategic planning stage. Topics and activities will include how to:

  1. Work with site leadership to set high level asset management policy and how to roll out across divisions and sites.

  2. Set at the appropriate level, your asset management strategy in line with company business planning cycle.

  3. Create your business case, document the business benefits and return on investment to be achieved by proactively managing assets.

  4. Assess your current state of maintenance and reliability practices.

  5. Define the scope, objectives, resource requirements, project accountabilities, timeline and critical success metrics for your asset management improvement plan.

  6. Communicate and engage the entire organization in the change effort on a regular basis.

  7. Educate senior leadership on change management and reliability-centered maintenance.

  8. Identify how the impact of the improvement will be measured and monitored.

  9. Re-assess for sustainability.

There will be a significant and steady increase in companies planning to either comply with the new ISO55000 series of standards or seek formal certification as a competitive advantage. Build your knowledge today, advance your career and secure your future.

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See you there!