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Who are you?
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What is your role(s)?
How long have you worked there?
What APM product are you using and what version are you currently on?

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Happy posting!

  • My Name is Ron Olynyk and I am the Manager, Asset Performance & Reliability for EPCOR Water & Waste Water. I have been with EPCOR for 4 years but I have worked in Maintenance and Reliability for over 25 years, with previous experience in the wood industry. I am very impressed with the functionality of the program you have shared with us this morning, and look forward to interacting with other individuals on the forum.
  • Hello, my name is Gary Sedore and I am with Norbord Industries who manufacture engineered wood panels focusing mainly on OSB. I have been with them for the past 18 years, the last 8 in my present position - Reliability Support Manager for our North American facilities. We have been using EXP & Supreme since 2006 and are currently on 5.1.5.

  • Hello Group, my name is Russ Nelson, and I work at Therma-Tru Door corporation in Butler,Indiana as the Reliability Team Leader.I have been with Therma-Tru for 6 Years(3 as an maintenance electrician, 2.5 as a Reliability Process Specialist, and now as a Reliability Team Leader).
    Currently we are on version 7.2 of apm.
  • Howdy, my name is Bill Alleshouse.
    I work at Therma-Tru door Co., we make residential exterior doors.
    I am a Equipment Reliability Specialist.
    I have been with the company for 7.5 yrs in maintenance only the last 2 in Reliability.
    We are recently upgraded to APM 7.2.
  • May name is Tina Jepsen and I am the Maximo/APM Power User at ADM in Clinton, IA. I have been with ADM for 9 years ( 4 years as a Admin and the rest Power User). I have been learning and working with APM 7.1 over the last year.

    Tina Jepsen