Scheduling Standing Work Orders

It appears we can't schedule standing work orders created since our upgrade to Bentley ver. 7.11 . 

Does this make sense or am I missing something here?

We are able to schedule a standing work order created prior to the upgrade that was in a planned state (not work started) from the old ver. 5.17 that was moved over to the new version. Since we have booked time (activity) to this standing work order that was created prior to the upgrade, we cannot schedule it anymore.  

It won't allow you to schedule from the task or from the the actual schedule.

Thanks in advance 


  • Hi Jeff. I believe the functionality in this regard should remain the same in release 7.11 as in release 5.1.7. Can you please report this as a Service Request? I believe there will need to be a proper investigation on this particular issue and since we will likely need to share logs, etc, It is best to cover it all in the form of an SR for better sharing of information and traceability.