Assetwise v7.11 APM EAM. Material receipts greater than ordered.

I can find no settings to keep from processing a 2-way match.  Example: Material qty of 1 is ordered on a PO.  Physically receive 2 with a packing slip for 2.  The receiver changes the quantity from 1 to 2 on the materials receipt in Assetwise, a warning is given that they are receiving greater than the quantity ordered but it can be disregarded.  The Invoice from the supplier is for a quantity of 2, the supplier for whatever reason has ignored the PO and shipped 2 an invoiced for 2 .  AP processes the invoice received for a quantity of 2, the liability created from the over receipt is brought in and will match the invoice. The invoice can be posted with a 2-way match.  Any way to avoid this?  

  • You can investigate having a custom state placed on the Receipt to not allow user to receive a number greater than the PO. Proper practice would require the receiver to report the overage to the supplier and purchaser when there is a mismatch. It could be that the supplier over shipped or that a phone request was made and the PO not updated to reflect it. The remaining business logic would allow for the receiver to still receive the extra goods in cases where they are legitimately wanted and then correct it downstream with a variance that gets approved.

    It is hard to enforce this sort of practice in the base product as different users use the EAM in slightly different ways hence why there is a Warning but not a hard-stop Error out of the box.