Assetwise v7.11 APM EAM. Material receipts greater than ordered.

I can find no settings to keep from processing a 2-way match.  Example: Material qty of 1 is ordered on a PO.  Physically receive 2 with a packing slip for 2.  The receiver changes the quantity from 1 to 2 on the materials receipt in Assetwise, a warning is given that they are receiving greater than the quantity ordered but it can be disregarded.  The Invoice from the supplier is for a quantity of 2, the supplier for whatever reason has ignored the PO and shipped 2 an invoiced for 2 .  AP processes the invoice received for a quantity of 2, the liability created from the over receipt is brought in and will match the invoice. The invoice can be posted with a 2-way match.  Any way to avoid this?