What is Asset Performance Management - where do we need to be, where are we today and where are we going.

Asset Performance Management Workshop

David Armstrong, Bentley Systems


To meet goals, asset managers, maintenance and reliability managers need an industrial-strength business process supported by technology and best practices and managed with proper measures.


Asset performance management has rapidly become a recognized business process 

in sustaining assets and maximizing their return on investment. Properly and proactively maintaining assets improves asset utilization, minimizes costs, as well as reduces spare part inventories, the use of contractors, and overtime. In addition, ensure compliance with regulations, and meet safety and environmental targets.


Attend this session to learn the fundamentals of asset performance management, step-by-step:

  1. Gain an understanding of the key elements of APM process and what has been key to success for companies that have changed the way they manage the business of maintenance.

  2. Familiarize your team with world leading reliability practices to develop, implement and manage reliability programs for physical assets.

  3. Leverage the technologies you have invested in to monitor and predict asset health, bring them together into a centralized asset health system that drives day to day proactive behavior.

  4. Strategies for success in managing people to ensure discipline to the established process and practices.

  5. Reporting to management and the team.