• New Webinar This Week - Solving the Data Handover Challenge

    This week we will have a new webinar called "Solving the Data Handover Challenge: How a Unified Information Management System Ensured Operational Readiness and Ongoing Success at Queensland Gas LNG”

    John Sanins, Solutions Executive at Bentley, will discuss how QGC utilized eB Information Manager and Data Quality Server to consolidate project and asset information (including intelligent P&ID’s and 3D models)…

  • eQL Example for Extracting Fiscal Year and Quarter From a Date Field

    Here is a sample report that converts a date field to quarter and fiscal year values

    START WITH Document
    CAST (DateEffective AS STRING, 'MM') 
    WHEN '10' THEN 'Q1' 
    WHEN '11' THEN 'Q1' 
    WHEN '12' THEN 'Q1' 
    WHEN '01' THEN 'Q2' 
    WHEN '02' THEN 'Q2' 
    WHEN '03' THEN 'Q2' 
    WHEN '04' THEN 'Q3'
    WHEN '05' THEN 'Q3'
    WHEN '06…