15.6.1 HF00363 has been released

eB 15.6.1 (Build HF00363 is now available via SELECTservices and addresses the following issues:

  • 18798 - [Merge into 15.6.1] 404 page displays page url without encoding it
  • 7000153469, 7000245482 - eB web: search results can’t be sorted by custom attribute. Error received Line 46 Col 1: invalid Qualident Completed with 1 error.
  • 7000276286 - eB web: Report results can’t be fitted in to print page
  • 7000276527 - eB [Web] the Download All Results takes a very long time to process when a Quick or Extended Search contains 1 or more Attributes in the Select List

If you have a service ticket open, Support will e-mail a link to the hotfix for you to download and install. If you would like the hotfix please make a request in the comments on this post and, with a link to active SELECT contract, we will supply the link. Another way to obtain this hotfix is to open a ticket on http://SELECTservices.bentley.com/ mentioning the hotfix number and support will work with you to confirm this hotfix will address your issue.

This is a General hotfix that supersedes hotfixes HF00351, HF00353, HF00354, HF00359 & HF00361. We categorize hotfixes as:

Critical - All users are urged to apply this hotfix as it addresses a potentially serious problem on all sites.

General - Has general applicability and is deemed to be potentially useful to the general audience. Testing is not limited to any specific site environment. Still, not guaranteed to work in all environments and users are recommended to test prior to putting in production.

Optional - Site-specific or has received limited testing. Users are advised to proceed with applying this fix only if they are seeing the specific problem described and only after testing in their environment.

Details of the changes and installation instructions are given in the readme.pdf of the hotfix. We recommend you read the readme.pdf to determine if this will help your site, and test all hot fixes on your test system before installing on production.

Thank You

TSG eB Support