eB Information Manager SELECTseries 5 (version 16.3.1) available to download from SELECTservices

I am pleased to announce that eB Information Manager 16.3.1 is available to download from http://selectservices.bentley.com/.

This is the next in series from the current eB Information Manager v15.6.1, installed at the majority of our user sites and along with some new features, provides updated platform and client support, including:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Oracle 12
  • Internet Explorer 11

You may be asking what happened to versions 16.1 & 16.2. Both are being used to support other Bentley applications - this is because eB Information Manager is becoming a platform that others are building application on. These applications are taking advantage of the robust and pluggable infrastructure provided by eB Information Manager platform.

Becoming a platform means the release method is changing, this release focuses on the Server and two traditional clients; eB Director & eB Web. With the platform called eB Information Manager we are calling the clients Engineering Content Management (ECM) clients. You will see more ECM clients, built on eB Information Manager platform, later this year.

Want to know more, here is the wiki article about the release:

How to download

  1. Open http://SELECTservice.bentley.com
  2. Login to access SELECT benefits
  3. Click Software Downloads to access the http://select.bentley.com/FulfillmentCenter/
  4. Enter 'eB Information Manager" in the search
  5. In the results you will see version, click the green arrow to download