How to Increase the Timeout Limit of Engineering Designer



  Applies To 
  Product(s): Assetwise ALIM Engineering Designer
  Version(s): 19.2.xx
  Environment:  N/A
  Area:  Configuration
  Original Author: Dennis Chan, Bentley Product Advantage Team

Problem Description:

Some operations may get a timeout error with an error message similar to the following

  • The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:00:59.997. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding.


The default one minute timeout is not long enough for he operation(s) to complete.


  1. On the server run eBSMC
  2. Click Data Sources on the Explorer tree
  3. Then click the DataSources menu at the top and select Options
  4. Make sure you have the Override checkbox checked
  5. And the value set to at least 180 seconds
  6. If you make any changes in the screen above, you’ll need to restart the eB Manager service
  7. Go to the Engineering Designer installation folder
  8. By default C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Engineering Designer
  9. Make a backup of the eBNuclear.Host.exe CONFIG file
  10. Edit the eBNuclear.Host.exe CONFIG file
  11. Search for the line <startup>
  12. Copy the configurations below (blue text) and insert them above the <startup> line
  13. This will increase the application's timeout to five (5) minutes
  14. Save the change and close the CONFIG file
  15. Run Engineering Designer and perform the operation agai

<binding name="wsHttpBindingConfiguration" maxReceivedMessageSize="2147483647" maxBufferPoolSize="2147483647" sendTimeout="00:05:00" receiveTimeout="00:05:00" >
<readerQuotas maxDepth="64" maxArrayLength="2147483647" maxStringContentLength="2147483647" />
<security mode="Transport">
<transport clientCredentialType="Windows"/>
<endpoint address="https://Variable.ServerName/Bentley/eB/Service/DataReader/Ws" binding="wsHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="wsHttpBindingConfiguration" contract="Bentley.eB.ServiceModel.IDataReader" name="WsIndexListener"/>
<endpoint address="https://Variable.ServerName/Bentley/eB/Service/DataWriter/Ws" binding="wsHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="wsHttpBindingConfiguration" contract="Bentley.eB.ServiceModel.IDataWriter" name="WsIndexListener" />
<endpoint address="https://Variable.ServerName/Bentley/eB/Service/Session/Ws" binding="wsHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="wsHttpBindingConfiguration" contract="Bentley.eB.ServiceModel.ISession" name="WsIndexListener" />