New Webinar this week! Best Practice Managed Services Templates for Owner-Operators

In this webinar Bentley Systems expert Olly Long will review the AssetWise best practice managed services templates which provide default configuration and best practice customizations, delivering 75-85% of the normal customizations needed. This presentation will demonstrate best practice templates focused on the Oil & Gas segment, but will also be of interest to Utilities, Process Manufacturing, and Power Generation market segments.

Learn more about how AssetWise best practice managed services templates:

  • Reduce customizations and provide you with a 75% - 85% “out of the box“ position

  • Improve repeatability, supportability, scalability and deliver continuous improvement

  • Lower costs and increase efficiency.

  • Are delivered by a managed service provided by Bentley either in the Azure cloud or on premise.

North America webinar August 31 and Europe and Middle East webinar September 1.

Register today: