The Decision Process Begins with Information

“Decision: The act or process of deciding; determination, as of a question or doubt, by making a judgment.”

We make thousands of decisions – some significant, some insignificant – every day. Some better, some worse, some right, some wrong. The common denominator is that all decisions are based on information. 

In asset-intensive industries, decisions have consequences that impact profitability, operational performance, physical health, environmental safety, and brand reputation. Aging infrastructure, safety risks, regulatory compliance, and budget constraints dictate that you make timely and informed operational and maintenance decisions that drive asset performance. For decision-makers, access, not just to information, but to actionable intelligence, is vital for informed, timely, and smarter decisions.

As you plan your digital transformation, consider the thousands of interrelated assets that make up your facility or network, with information about them scattered across diverse and siloed systems in IT, operations, and engineering. That information is your most valuable asset. Is it accessible, trustworthy, and comprehensive? Is it presented in context, managed through change, and available when you need it so that it can be used efficiently for informed decision support?

If you are responsible for making operational or maintenance decisions, one of the first critical decisions you need to make is what technology to use for decision support.

Count on AssetWise CONNECT Edition to deliver operational and maintenance decision support in ways that weren’t possible in the past. AssetWise harnesses vast amounts of asset information across the lifecycle, from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance, and delivers actionable intelligence that supports your business processes and drives the performance of your infrastructure assets. AssetWise delivers the information you need, when and where you need it, to:

  • Develop proactive strategies for cost-effective maintenance and reliability;
  • Ensure regulatory compliance;
  • Improve safety, and holistically mitigate risk;
  • Improve operational efficiency, increase asset availability, and reduce operational expenses.

Achieve a greater return on your physical asset investments with AssetWise.