• HF00351 15.6.1 Engineering Designer, Director, Web & Visual Navigation fixes

    A new hotfix is available for eB. HF00354 eB 15.6.1 (Build is now available via SELECTservices and addresses the following issues:

    • 12798 - [Web] The Copy option is not available for Tags
    • 14081 - Reduce deadlock contention on the Oracle database by using sequences for job_id and session_id.
    • 14615 - [Cad Connect] Option 'Remember my Password' does not work from CAD-Connect login dialog.
    • 14995 -…
    • Fri, May 9 2014
  • HF00351 15.6.1 Engineering Designer, Director & SSIS fixes

    A new hotfix is available for eB. HF00351 eB 15.6.1 Server (Build is now available from SELECTservices and addresses the following issues:

    • 14670 - The output of a calculated Mask of a snapshot is increased by 2 if Syntax for the mask contains like '###'
    • 14720 - [Web]An error message is observed when user creates a prototype for a Tag.(Oracle)
    • 14795 - [Web]User is not able to view a prototype for…
    • Wed, Feb 5 2014
  • eB SELECTseries 4 (version 15.6) available on SELECTservices Online

    eB SELECTSeries 4 Release

    eB SELECTseries 4 (version 15.6) available on SELECTservices Online and can be downloaded from http://selectservices.bentley.com/ under 'Select Released Products' download category. eB SELECTseries 4 includes infrastructure improvements and integration support and offers new and improved functionality in the following areas:

    Bentley Data Quality Server:

    • Provides a consistent mechanism…
    • Fri, Dec 20 2013
  • Changes to the eB product lines

    We are making a number of changes to the eB product lines. These changes are detailed below.

    Product renaming

    1. eB Insight Services -> eB Information Manager

    Highlighting the role of controlling information and managing change throughout the asset lifecycle, eB Insight Services has been renamed as eB Information Manager.

    2. eB Insight Asset Definition Services -> Bentley Asset Registry Server

    The Bentley Asset…

    • Fri, Nov 22 2013
  • Welcome to the eB Community

    Welcome to the eB Community! This is a place for all of those with an interest in eB, this is our place for us to share knowledge, ask questions and get answers.

    Many years back when I started with a small company in London, UK, I had no idea the product would take me around the globe and now allow me to be part of this global community – an exciting time and I am glad we have the chance to set-up this user based forum…

    • Fri, Oct 18 2013
  • eB Insight SELECTseries 2 is now available

    eB Insight SELECTseries 2

    Release is now available

    This is the second Bentley release of eB Insight that includes updates to the Outlook and SharePoint connectors to support the latest versions of those products.  It also includes updates to the eB Web interface, the eQL Reporting Engine, CAD-Connect and CAP.  Finally eB now includes ProjectWise Interplot, the first of many future shared services between eB and ProjectWise…

    • Fri, Mar 23 2012