Documents with locations Problem in eB15.6.1

Hi All !!

We recently upgraded from eB 14.6.2 to eB 15.6.1, te upgrade was perfect The problem we have is that in eB browser, when we tried to view a document with Locations associated, we got an ugly error saying: "Column type is not  a valid locations column".

We could digin a little and discover that the problem was custom Layout editor config. When we erase configurations in layout editor everithing was OK.

The problem is that our client has a lot of custom Layouts, and is not possible to delete them.

Is there any way to upgrade layouts ?? The option in layout editor for upgrading didn´t solve the problem.

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  • I just looked at this problem again and I was able to see the error initially (e.g. by going to document 003077). Then I did the following:

    - Run layout editor
    - Click Document -> View on the tree
    - Select File -> Merge with updated Layout…
    - Make sure all options are checked, then click the Merge Defaults button
    - Make sure all checkboxes are checked in the Merge Layouts window
    - Then click Import >
    - If any prompt comes up, select “No” and click Update
    - Save the current layout
    - Run the purgecaches script:
    - Now the document displays correctly

    Can you see if this works for you please?

    Answer Verified By: Ezequiel Kohan