eB Transmittal modification

When doing distribution from eB 15.4.1, is there a way to change the content on you transmittal to suite your distribution reason, before sending it out via a distribution list? eg, removing the signature part and name section etc?

  • Hi Dean,

    can you send an example of the transmittal for you are referring to?

    if you are referring to form "displayed/printed transmittal form" that the ‘View Transmittal Report’ creates , currently it can't be altered.


    Address: Bentley | 10052 Mesa Ridge Court Suite
    100 | San Diego | CA | 92121 | USA

  • Hi Roberto
    This is the example, I want to be able to edit the name field to suit our organisations specifications
    Dean Stander
    Document Management Co-ordinator
    Power Systems
    Steinmüller Africa (Pty) Ltd
    45 Del La Rey Road
    Rivonia, 2191
    South Africa

    Phone +27 11 806 3963
    Mobile +27 79 871 7633
    Steinmüller Africa (Pty) Ltd.
    Registration No: 1962/004313/07

    Management Board: A.G. Michalke (Managing), M.M. Bolofo, V. Sembill,
    M.S. Mabotja, Dr. M.G. Martl (non-executive), E.N. Matya (non-executive)
    Headquarters and registered address of company:
    45 De La Rey Road, Rivonia, 2191, South Africa

    This e-mail contains confidential or legally protected information. If you are not the
    intended recipient or have accidentally received this e-mail, please inform the sender
    immediately and destroy this email.
    Any unauthorized copying or forwarding of this e-mail to others is not permitted.

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  • Hi Dean,

    Has this issue been resolved? If so, could you please close the issue by selecting "This helped me" and "Verify Answer". If not, please let me know so I can follow up on this issue.



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