I’m looking for more information about how scopes work?

Anything relevant appreciated. Especially interested in how two distinct groups of users can use a single community and share the physical item numbering and class structure but only see and use physical items that they have created.


  • Hi Andy,

    Please refer to "eB Administration Guide.pdf"  starting at page 11 for Scopes explanation. The document is  available in eB Documentation distributed in software under Documentation\Admin Guides.  If you can't locate the document let me know and I will send you a copy. I tried to attach here but was timing out due to file size.

    Regarding your question about physical items and scopes,  Physical Items are not namespace-qualified in 15.6.1, which means that you can't have the same physical item code applied to different physical items in different scopes (unlike documents, where you can have the exact same document code on different documents in different scopes).


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