Problem opening a link from e-mails sent from eB Web 15.6.1

Hi everyone !!

When I send an e-mail from eB web (selecting the option "Don't attach any of the related files") I recieve and open that e-mail, so far so good, but when I click the link to access the files I get this error:

The link you have followed refers to a different community than the one that you are logged in to.

To follow this link and log on to Main\eBPAEP?ReturnUrl=https://bw2k8paewebsvr/ebbrowser/Framework/Default.aspx?o=26&t=3&sc=1&d=Main\eBPAEP, click on the 'Follow Link' button below.

To remain logged in to Main\eBPAEP click the back button on the browser and return to the page you were looking at.

If you want to open this link without logging out, you will need to use the 'New Session' option of your browser.

Does Anyone know why this is not working ?