Can I Bulk 'Office Merge' Documents?


I'm running v15.4.1.325 and new to using Office Merge but have a question. Is it possible to perform the 'Office Merge' action on Documents in bulk, instead of clicking the link on each individual Document?

What I'd like to do is use the Bulk Import tool to add an XML configured Word Document to many Documents in eB. Then perform a bulk merge to populate the unique information of each Document from the same properties for each Document.

An example of this is a superseding 'redirect' page. When an eB Document is superseded it is revised and a 'redirect' Word document replaces the existing file. The reason being if an established QuickLink is used to access the information, outside of eB, the user is provided with the 'redirect' page and not the original file.

You can see how if we had many Documents to supersede, bulk adding and merging a redirect page could be useful. However, any other ideas or approaches would be warmly welcomed as well :-)

Thanks! - Patrick

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