Problem using extended search in eB 15.6.1

Hi Everyone !

DB: Oracle 11 G R2

eB: 15.6.1

I´m having some problems using extended search when searching documents, it was working OK, but suddenly it began to show this error (see attached file).

Please help me !!



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  • Hi Ezequiel,

    Each object has the possibility of having a quick search and an extended search defined for it. Out of the box, both searches are defined for a variety of objects (including documents). However, It is possible using either a provisioning sheet or the Director UI to assign a new search as the quick or extended search.

    I'm guessing that someone tried to do this for extended search and made a mistake. In addition to defining the extended search, it has to be related to the quick search so that when the user is on the quick search and chooses to extend the search, eB knows which search to display. The error means that it does not find an extended search to display.
    Hope I made that point clear or understandable. As whenever you create Custom quick Search or Extended search, you have to define it with one another, i.e. Quick Search to extended and Extended to Quick Search.

    Do you know who might have been changing the quick/extended search for documents? If so, ask them what they did and how they did it or go to Director and check for report as shown below:

    As shown, I have expand the Extended search and it shows two Document search (Highlighted).
    The one created as 'Document T', is custom Extended Search and 'Document' is the original pre defined Extended Search.

    Could you please confirm the same as any custom Extended Search is created in your community?

    Hope that resolves the problem for you! :-)

    Manav B.

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