eB QuickLinks and Login Prompt

Hi there,

We have an issue reported by our users whereby in some situations the user has to login to eB to follow a QuickLink URL and in other cases they do not. For example, if I send an email to myself with a QuickLink it will open directly, however if I am accessing the same QuickLink from Microsoft Word or Excel I will be prompted to login to eB before being able to access the page. This becomes a problem when users have a large amount of data to work through, e.g. in Excel, as they are having to login for each link they follow.

My question therefore is if  you can suggest a way to make following quicklinks possible in Word or Excel etc, or, if it is definitely not possible, if you could suggest a work around that would enable more efficiently to follow a set of QuickLink URLs without having to login each time.

thanks for your help,