The searches stop working when user has more than 30 scopes activated


We have a customer using Scopes.  They have more than 41 Scopes created.  The issue is that when a user is working with more than 30 active Scopes (this number varies depending the Object Type), the system standard searches stop working.  They start to raise errors (those errors are different also depending on the Object Type of the search) and no results are displayed.  

Please advice ASAP, thanks!

System Details:

Windows 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2

eB v15.4.1

Number of actives Scopes per Object Type to reproduce the error:

Organisations: 40 active scopes
Locations: 37 active scopes
Reportes: 38 active scopes
Roles: 30 active scopes
Error messages per Object Type:
Reports and Roles