Implementing High Availability in eB v15.6.1 with SQL Server


We have a customer that wants to implement a full High Availability installation with automatic fail over in all the layers:

1-Presentation-->Web Server

2-Business Logic-->Application Server

3-Data --> Database Server

4-Repositories --> File Server


A-eB version is v15.6.1+HF375

B-All the actual servers run and the new ones will run on Windows 2008 R2

C-SQL Server version is 2008 R2



Do you have any documentation to setup this?

What is the recommended Windows 2008 R2 Fail Over feature to setup for each of the layers described above for eB?

What SQL Server Fail Over feature is the recommended one for eB? (Failover clustering, Database mirroring, Log shipping, Replication)

It is recommended to setup up a separated server to stored the eB Repositorioies in this kind of setup?

Is there any other limitation besides the FTR Repository that cannot be setup in more than one application server when eB is running on this kind of setup?


Thanks a lot for your sooner response, kind regards,