Update eB Layout in bulk


I want to add a property to all document classes in the layout editor, is there a way to do this in bulk or will I need to go to one class at a time and tick the property I want to add?

I do not want to change the whole layout, I just want to add a property to all of the document classes.

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  • Bulk update functionality in web differs from functionality in Director.
    In web it’s not tied to Documents and most of actions can be done on more than one Object type. As for Director there are couple bulk updates: Bulk Document Updates, Bulk Security Updates, and Bulk Lock Updates. All functions under Bulk Document Updates are only Document related and can’t be used for other type Objects.

    There is no way to bulk update properties using Bulk Document Updates, but this can be done using Import/Update Document feature. You can download manual on this feature from link below.

    Answer Verified By: Carma De Villiers