Using a named relationship in bulk upload

I currently use the bulk import utility to add documents to eB and relate them to various Virtual Item structures. However, when the relationship is made it uses the generic relationship “Virtual Item”

We have defined a number of VI Structures and I would like to define a specific named custom relationship:

In the above example I want to use the Document to GRIP Deliverables relationship so that the GVI table would show:

However, the bulk import config tool does not allow me to define the named relationship

I have tried amending the *.ini file directly by adding the relationship name as follows:

1=AI,AJ,AH,,H,GRIP Deliverable
2=AL,AJ,AK,,H,GRIP Deliverable
3=AN,AJ,AM,,H,GRIP Deliverable
4=AP,AJ,AO,,H,GRIP Deliverable
5=AR,AJ,AQ,,H,GRIP Deliverable
6=AT,AJ,AS,,H,GRIP Deliverable
7=AV,AJ,AU,,H,GRIP Deliverabl
e 8=AX,AJ,AW,,H,GRIP Deliverable
9=AY,AJ,,AZ,H,GRIP Deliverable