Distribution Order Template Remarks Field

The Remarks field on the Distribution Order template is a text field in eB Director and therefore limits the number of possible characters.  One of our projects wants to use this field as a disclaimer and it would be better if the field was a "memo" field.  I have noticed in eB Web that I can set my own remarks and the field in a memo field.

However, we only want to apply this to one DO template (we have many). Is there any setting that can be changed via Director, the Layout Editor or elsewhere for this Default Property to allow more characters?


  • Thank you Carmen, that is the alternative solution I was considering but I have a further question if someone could advise regarding the Layout Editor, and whether it is possible to apply a user attribute created for one class of object to another class

    1. I have created an attribute called Disclaimer on the Distribution Order object
    2. Applied to a single template in that class
    3. Made sure Layout Editor was showing the attribute in View mode
    4. So that when I create a Distribution Object it is displayed

     5. However, I also want to show the Disclaimer attribute on the actual Transmittal record

    6. Therefore I create a Custom Property on the Transmittal class in Layout Editor

    7. If I leave the Link ID Column blank the DO I displayed OK but the Disclaimer attribute is not shown in the Transmittal (below)

    8. However, If I add Issue_id in the Link ID Column when creating the Distribution Order (as I think I have link it to the created DO, nothing is displayed on screen even though the DO is created

    9. My question is:

    a. Is it possible to apply the attribute to a different class

    b. If so, how?

    Many thanks


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