Containers not refreshing after upload when double-clicking on ActiveX 'Turtle' in versions 15.4 and 15.6

We have a fault on all our communities of eB (around 8) during the process of uploading documents to containers, using the double click functionality on the ActiveX 'Turtle'. Is this a known fault/is there a hotfix?

Process : In a container (empty or not), doubling clicking on the ActiveX 'Turtle' opens a select file box. Once the file is selected and the 'Open' button is pressed, the file uploads and a pop-up launches saying 'Upload successful, the file may take a few moments to become available' to which there is an OK only button to press. Once pressed, the container goes completely blank/white and does not refresh to show the container. The process prior to this point works and the file does upload - navigating to search for the container, causes the container to refresh briefly before the page refreshes onto the search results. The only obvious way to get back to the container with the file now in it, from the white screen is to run a search and reopen the container afresh.

We would expect the container to refresh once the OK button is pressed to show the file in the container. Users have reported that this used to happen but no longer does.

When uploading by the other method (drag and drop a file from the Desktop into the ActiveX 'Turtle'), the file is added, the same pop-up from above launches with the OK button which once pressed, causes the container to refresh itself on screen and display the newly uploaded file in the container. We would expect this functionality to work on both methods of upload.

Any support or update that can be provided on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes

James Butler.