Document number missing from container links in basket display

eB Basket not displaying document number as expected.

We have a user in eB 15.6 who is getting the container's title showing in the basket, which isn't preceded by a hyperlink in the form of the document number as other users display. The usual format would loosely be 'NPPP-999999 - Project Document' but it is currently displaying for this one user 'Project Document' only.

We initially suspected this was the user adding the items to their basket and then their security being removed from the object whilst it remains in the basket, but we now have an example where the user has security permissions over the container, but the 'container/document number' still isn't appearing. We're not aware of being able to change the view or settings in baskets but that appears to possibly be what's happened here - can you point us in the direction of where settings in the basket can be amended please, if this functionality is available? If not, have you seen this type of issue before?

Many thanks