eBWeb V16.4.2 - is it possible to change search results to return more than 500 rows?

I'm trying to update my System preferences to change the max number of rows returned in search criteria to something greater than 500.  I updated Default Scope to Global and then open the eB System preferences.

I set Maximum Rows in Search Results to 1000.  But then I go back to do a search and it returns 1501 rows with only 500 per page.

Is there any way for me to update the settings such that I will get more than 500 rows per page?  Why is nothing changing when I update the Maximum Rows in Search Results?

I have same issue with System Preferences for Reports.  No matter what I change these values to, I still get 500 rows per page.

Is there any documentation available to identify what these Options mean?  The eB Web user guide I reviewed touches only briefly on some of these options.