Audit Bug - 15.4.1


We have noticed what appears to be quite a far reaching bug in the way eB manages auditing.  In the event we have a date attribute configured we can add a UK date formatted entry i.e. for today we can add:

2018-11-13 09:58:29.497

Now if we have configured, via the SMC to track changes to this attribute and record them as audit history entries, upon changing the value the old and new values get written into the 'audit_properties' table.  The bug is that the system will translate all dates into the American format, hence 2018-11-13 is actually stored as 11/13/2018

This a serious bug which impacts tens of thousands of records in our system.

I will log a support call.  But interested to hear if other versions of the eB systems are impacted.

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