Where are the files?

Ok, I am very VERY new to AssetWise ALIM, so forgive me if this question is ignorant.

When I add documents from my hard drive into AssetWise, are the documents actually copied and placed into a repository in the software or in a cloud? Or is the original document just referenced into the software from the location from which i browsed it in?


  • AssetWise ALIM was designed so that users will not have directly access to files within its repository once added. It stores the files in a storage location defined when the environment is initially set up. User will be able to view and download a copy of any file in AssetWise ALIM file but any changes made to it will remain local to the user, It will have no effect on the original file within AssetWise ALIM. There are ways to update the file within the environment one of which is the Check out/Check in process in the AssetWise ALIM website.

    But where exactly it is stored depends really depends on where AssetWise ALIM is installed and how it is configured. Whether it is in Bentley Cloud on located directly on servers within your organization, but even local environments is tricky as more and more companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

    If you have more questions I, or someone else, will gladly assist. If you have more questions on your specific AssetWise ALIM environment you may want to reach out to your Bentley account manager and they should be able to get you what you need.

    I hope this answers your question.


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