eB16725 Director and Oracle

Hello Everyone!!

I´m facing a big problem here.

My client is using eB 16.7.25 with Oracle Database

In SMC there is a setting called "Enable Linguistic String Sorting" that basically makes searches case insensitve. This client needs this setting enabled, cause it has been using it since eB14, and has a lot of custom developments based on that. The problem here is that with the setting enable, Director doesn´t work (picture attached).

Anyone has a solution in order to make Director work with that setting enabled?

  • This looks to me like a known issue that can happen in an Oracle based community, if your settings table has enough rows. Usually that means a lot of users have made individual settings. Logon as administrator in the web client, go to system settings> general and uncheck linguisticcompare. If this is the issue, then Director should start working again.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a documented solution I can give you here. You will need to file a service request.

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